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Kirk Joseph is a highly accomplished, capable, experienced and trusted professional. Reality 5 Media L.L.C. Aerial Division, offers aerial solutions for photography, videography, mapping, surveying, digital 3D modeling, inspections and precision flight management for a variety of industries such as commercial and residential real estate, events, marketing, promotional, advertising, builders, developers, architectural firms, engineering firms, power companies, cellular service providers, insurance, agriculture, land trusts/associations, forest trusts/associations, and many more. As chief pilot of R5M Aerial Division. Mr. Joseph has the qualifications and experience necessary for the safe and successful operation of their multiple sUAV’s. He is a trained inspector. Mr. Joseph has been flying gas and electric radio controlled aircraft, both fixed wing, quad, hexa, and octa sUAS for fifteen and 7 years respectively, giving him invaluable experience in proper and safe operation and maintenance of sUAV’s and their components. Expert in FAA regulations and procedures, adding to the overall safety of their operations. Safety of persons and property is R5M priority.

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R5M Aerial UA Division
DJI Phantom 2
09:00 am - 07:00 pm
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