DRONES! the podcast - Episode 11 - New York Yankees, Michael Singer, Matternet, and Drone Feet!

by Derek Waleko Sep 28, 2017

Episode 11: A landmark legal case, autonomous drone blood deliveries, DJI struggles, plus amazing drone videos!

Fenity and Joe talk about a landmark legal case for drones, autonomous blood delivery and some amazing drone videos


A Landmark Legal Case Sets Drones Free

  • A Federal judge just shot down a local law in Newton, Massachusetts that banned drone flight below 400 feet.

  • The case was brought by The new John Taylor! Michael Singer, a physician and inventor who lives in Newton and is an FAA-certified drone pilot.

  • Dr. Singer challenged four sections of the city's ordinance: one that required local registration of unmanned aircraft and three that regulated flight operations, including the altitude and distance drones could fly.

  • Many cities have created their own drone laws in the last few years. This could be a landmark reversal of these local laws as the judge decided local municipalities did not have the authority to issue such laws because the responsibility to regulate airspace belongs to the FAA.


Autonomous Delivery Drones Take to Swiss Skies

  • Matternet is partnering with the Swiss Post to bring full-time, approved autonomous delivery drones to the Swiss skies this October.

  • It is a landmark because it will be full-time, fully autonomous AND because it will be one of the first insistence of approved drone deliveries in an urban area.

  • The Matternet Station which serves as a loading and landing pad for its autonomous M2 drone. The system will initially be to make deliveries, like blood, between hospitals in heavily populated areas.

  • The M2 drone can carry 4.4 pounds up to 12 miles, so still pretty limited → that is why Up Sonder is working on drone charging stations!


DJI Banned Again, So How are Their Drone Domination Plans Going to Work?!

  • We all remember that the US Army has banned use of DJI drones

  • The Australian Defense Force just banned use of all DJI drones citing “cyber vulnerabilities”.

  • A lot of bad press for DJI, which makes me wonder about their other initiatives like drones ID and Drone Traffic Management.

  • A question worth discussion is: Will public authorities in countries trust DJI enough to let them manage their drone traffic.


Awesome drone videos:

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