Drones The Podcast - 02: Military Drone Pilots & Other News

by Derek Waleko May 27, 2017

Drones the Podcast - 02: MILITARY DRONES 

This episode we will look at some amazing swarming drone tech the military is working on and speculate about what the hell the X-37B drone actually did on its two years in space!


Swarming Tech #1: Loyal Wingman


  • The US Air Force takes the cake for most advanced testing with its Loyal Wingman Project. The idea is to create autonomous aircraft that are paired with a manned     aircraft to act as the manned aircraft's wingmen. These drone wingmen are supposed to do everything from carry out attacks on enemies to protect the manned aircraft.         

  • In the last few months the Air     Force has reportedly “successfully demonstrated” the concept using F-16s as drones in tests at Edwards Air Force Base in California.    

  • Proved ability to react and strike autonomously!    

  • Now we have the possibility of invasion by drones.


Swarming tech #2: China and Russia Keep Pace

From: http://www.newsweek.com/drones-swarm-autonomous-russia-robots-609399

  • Turning into an arms race over drones → many calling it the future of war    

  • Kronstadt Group in Russia is     developing         

  • China also developing    

  • While the arms race isn't good. With all this money pouring into autonomous drones and related technologies it will surely trickle down to civilian applications


Speculate about X-37B Drone!


  • The X-37B is a secretive drone program by the USAF. It just recently landed after an estimated 2 years in space    

  • What was it doing? Have hosts speculate         

    • Taking photos, Ionic thruster, spy platform, satellite killer?        

Some experts say it is just a     testing platform, maybe an expensive mistake...who really knows!

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