Drones The Podcast - 03: Drones and Privacy, Please!

by Derek Waleko Jun 3, 2017

Drones the Podcast - 03: PRIVACY, PLEASE!

This episode will take a look at drones and privacy. It is a big issue because drones are operating in close proximity with humans.


Topic #1: Drones flying into, over personal property


  • Drone crash lands in a guys back     yard. Freaks him out, not mad but can't find owner.    

  • Reminds of famous drone     slayer case, where a guy a Kentucky man shot down a drone flying     over his property where his daughter was sunbathing. Claim of drone     pilot dismissed from federal court in March.    

  • Get reactions from hosts


Topic #2: Addressing privacy concerns


  • H.R.2139 - To amend the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 proposed    

    • “What happens if there are drones that are gathering, through facial recognition,

    • taking a picture of every license plate at a health clinic and then selling that information to an insurance company

  • FAA also a a committee with major leaders in the drone industry to talk about privacy    

  • Best Practices put out by the     Obama administration     https://www.ntia.doc.gov/files/ntia/publications/uas_privacy_best_practices_6-21-16.pdf


Topic #3: Smart drones that recognize your gestures? And other tec


  • Technology will change privacy issues with facial recognition and machine learning are drones becoming a platform that will invade our privacy. Small sensors, Stingray, FLIR, LIDAR, etc    

  • But this can also go the other way, researchers at Georgia Tech are working on a drone that recognizes gestures and will back off if signaled to do so. They are teaching it to be aware of human reaction and act appropriately.    

  • It is also a mini-blip format and could be used in stores!

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