Drones the Podcast - 04: SELFIE DRONES

by Derek Waleko Jun 10, 2017

Drones the Podcast - 04: SELFIE DRONES

In this episode we will explore the growing popularity of selfie drones and maybe how much we hate them.


Topic #1 From selfie stick to selfie drone

  • There a a lot of selfie drones out their (cheap, play on narcissism) AirSelfie, Rova, Hover Camera Passport, Dobby, the failed Lily drone

    • All play off the ability of drone     to follow you and take pictures

  • Some are below the .55 pound threshold to register with the FAA    

  • Flying photo booth    

  • Get hosts personal opinion about this.     


Topic #2 DYI your selfie drone

From: http://time.com/4771202/skier-selfie-throw-gopro

  • Skier made his own selfie drone by tapping a GoPro to the back of a Nerf football.     

  • Throws it up while he skis –> some good shot, some bade    

  • Worked much better when his ski partner threw it to get better angles


Topic #3 Future of selfie drones

  • Get opinions of hosts    

  • They are pretty basic and really need better tech (their main plus is that they are small and marketed well)     






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