Drones the Podcast - 05: DELIVERY DRONE UPDATE

by Derek Waleko Jun 17, 2017

Trump and Drone Delivery Links:

Some are saying Trump’s plan to privatize air traffic control could expedite drone delivery in the U.S. Trump announced plans to take way air traffic control responsibility away from FAA and create a private non-governmental corporation to manage air traffic control nationwide. That private corporation would be mostly made up of representatives from the major airlines and unions, though the FAA would maintain an oversight role.


Fun Drone Delivery Links:

A local doughnut shop in Denver, Colorado used a drone to deliver fresh deliciousness to the city's mayor, police, and firemen.


At the Portuguese Soccer Cup Final in May a guy rode a drone into the stadium to deliver the game ball.


One Ton Chinese Drone Link:

Chinese web retailer jd.com already has drones that can deliver up to 33 pounds and developed delivery networks. Now they are working on a drone that can deliver up to 1 ton!


Drone Port Link:

Architecture firm CallisonRTKL is working on a plan to turn closed malls into drone ports for delivery. The design has drones take off on a tower to conserve energy (as much as 20%) so they can deliver further.


Blood and Marijuana Links:

Zipline is using drones to blood and other medical things in Rwanda.

Drones could also be used to deliver marijuana and other medical supplies to those in need. In April, Eaze demonstrated a marijuana drone delivery at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino.

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