DRONES! the podcast - Episode 12 - Bigly! Trump White House Drone Pilot Program

by Derek Waleko Oct 26, 2017

Episode 12

Joe and Fenity discuss the drone pilot program, Up Sonder joining the CTA drone policy working group and the possibility of mind-controlled drones.


Drone Pilot Program:

  • The Rapid growth of the drone industry has created regulatory barriers. There is no flying over people, at night, or BVLOS. The FAA doesn't have the resources to address.

  • For a while the FAA has been working with the Drone Advisory Committee, states, the drone industry and Congress to create the Drone Pilot Program (DPP)

  • The DPP aims to address this regulatory obstacle by creating a program that opens up previously restricted flight (night, BVLOS). It will also give local government more voice in the development of drone regulation but the FAA will retain overall control

  • More details are still on their way.

Basic Idea of the Pilot Program:

  • FAA would continue to have authority over commercial drone operations between 200 and 400 feet in these pilot program areas.

  • Drones operating at lower altitudes would be regulated by state, county, tribal, and other local authorities.

  • There will be 10 pilot program areas in the USA.

  • FAA retains overall authority but allows local government and industry to test to find best practices on how to integrate airspace.


Up Sonder joins CTA Drone Policy Working Group:

  • Up Sonder has joined the Consumer Technology Associations Drone Policy Working Group

  • The group supports drone policy efforts all around the country on a local, state and federal level. They advocate the safe usage and integration of drones.

  • Up Sonder has joined the table with the big boys like DJI, CTA, Google, Apple to work on advancing the drone industry


Los Angeles Becomes Largest City to Test Drones for Police Force

  • Los Angeles has been looking into using drones for police work for a while, but have been hindered by privacy concerns and local protests.

  • The LA Police Commission voted to let the LAPD run a one-year pilot program for drones. Members of LAPD's SWAT team will operate the drones that will be used in aerial searches and recon.

  • What LAPD does could have a large impact nationwide because of their size.


Mind-Controlled Drones:

  • Researchers at Arizona State University are working on drones that can be mind-controlled!

  • While the project is still in its infancy it's supported by DARPA and aims to let a single individual control a swarm of drones with their mind alone.


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