DRONES! the podcast - Episode 07 - Drone Suicide, Guinness World Records, Drone Hacking

by Derek Waleko Jul 20, 2017

Episode 7: Drone Suicide, Guinness World Records, and Automatic Drone Authorization

Joe and Fenity imagine drone suicide and talk about world record drones, plus breaking news on automatic flight authorization for drones.


Automated ATC Authorization For Drone At These 50 Airports This Fall


NASA Invents Drone Suicide

  • Anti-drone technology is becoming a big business and now NASA has its own product, Safeguard software.

  • First, it warns the offending drone to leave restricted airspace, then if the drone doesn't respond Safeguard can create a systems failure and kill all power.

  • While NASA is taking the gentlemanly approach with software the US NAVY is just blasting drones out of the sky with lasers!


Drone Swarms Will Film Sports


Drone Breaks World Record

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