DRONES! the podcast - Episode 09 - Cool New Drones, Kansas with AirMap, Nibbler, Solar Eclipse

by Derek Waleko Aug 17, 2017

Episode 9: Cool New Drones, Kansas Partners with AirMap, The Fearsome Nibbler and Be a Good Pilot

Joe and Fenity are frightened and amazed by new drones and fill you in on Kansas partnering with AirMap. Plus, a little extra about the Great American Eclipse and drones!


A Drone that has a machine gun!

  • The Tikad drone, developed by Duke Robotics, is armed with a machine-gun and a grenade launcher. It is available for private sale at an undisclosed price and has won a security innovation award from the US Department of Defense.

  • It is designed to reduce military casualties by cutting the number of ground troops required. Think of it as a hovering GI.


The Perching Drone (AKA the Spiderman drone)

  • Researchers of the University of Sherbrooke (major university in Canada outside of Montreal) have developed a fixed-wing drone that can perch on a wall or branch like a bird. They studied the flight of birds while perching to help them develop this new drone.

  • The drone pitches up sharply to slow and then lands on walls to perch, watch the video!

  • It was designed to be used be used for disaster relief or for public security.


AirMap Partners with Kansas

  • Kansas is the first State to partner with Airmap For drone management software. The partnership will open up the software, which enables users to receive notifications of drone flights to airports, higher education institutions and government agencies across the state.

  • The partnership establishes a network to manage drone traffic in the Kansas skies and also enables the state and AirMap to develop the country's first statewide infrastructure to support the testing of technologies to enhance data exchange and air traffic control for drones.

  • AirMap is deeply involved with FAA, States, and private organizations promoting their software as part of drone air traffic management.


Meet the Fearsome Nibbler!

  • The U.S. Marine Corp just announced its new 3D printed Nibbler drone on its Twitter account.

  • The bad ass drone with a bad name can be made in a mere 6 hours and can be controlled via smartphone or radio controller. It will be used to spy on the enemy, deliver much needed ammunition and even drop bombs!


The Drone That Caused Mayhem at London Airport


The Great American Solar Eclipse with Drones!


Drones Herd Cattle!

  • National Geographic has a cool video up about ranchers using a drone to herd cattle!

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