Up, Up, and Away in Real Estate

by Derek Waleko Apr 28, 2017

Drones are getting more and more popular.  Whether it is for recreational use or for deliveries, it is here to stay and gaining traction.  And because they range in prices, there is one for everyone.  “Drones are making a huge impact in society, and that definitely includes real estate,” says Derek Waleko, CEO of Upsonder.com, a drone renting service.

But what about using drones in real estate?  When would a drone be useful?  Here are three ways drones can be useful in real estate:

  • Marketing shots: Have a big piece of land or a large property?  Fly the drone up and around the home to show the vastness of the property.  The image above is from our past listing in the West Hollywood area.  You will see how the drone was used to show the home from different angles and the area.

  • There is an opportunity for development purposes. Are you thinking of adding a second story to your home and want to know what kind of view it has? That is where a drone can be handy.  A homeowner or a developer can factor the views into whether or not it makes sense to build up.

  • Create a dramatic virtual tour: Instead of a slide show, fly the drone throughout the backyard and into the home to give off the illusion that someone is walking through. This can enhance the listing and create a whole virtual experience.

In many cases, using drones can make a big marketing difference in getting your home more exposure, as it can attract more video views and your Realtor® can use the good shots in their marketing.

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