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Discount on Professional Drone Service

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of Up Sonder’s deal on drone services. Get 10% off your first drone service in 2020!

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Big Changes For Drone Delivery

The basic technology to implement drone delivery is here now, but clear, nationwide regulations allowing drone deliveries are not. This is why the recent FAA proposal of a formal policy plan for drones can be a game-changer for drone delivery.

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China Flights the Coronavirus with Drones

Drones and the coronavirus don’t seem like two words that go together, but China is showing that drones are useful tools in fighting the ongoing threat of the deadly virus. Here are the five ways China is using drones to fight and inform the public about the threats of the coronavirus.

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17 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House

(Guest post from Redfin) Selling your house can be both exciting and stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the most common home selling mistakes people make so you can sell your home knowing you have your bases covered.

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Best Drones at CES: From Drone Taxis to 8K Cameras

CES 2020 had plenty of new drones and information about how drone technology will change the world. Here are Up Sonder’s picks for top 5 drones at CES based on the ability to shake up the drone industry.

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New to Drones? Make Sure you Stay Legal

Whether you got a new drone for Christmas or are a drone pilot just starting your career, the most important thing you can do is to stay legal. Below are tips on how to do this. Remember, as a drone pilot, the responsibility of being on the right side of law resides with you!

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What Does America Think About Drones?

Drones are a fast emerging technology that will have a large influence on the future of how we live and work. But what does the common American think of drones?

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Market Winter’s Wonder With Drones

Don’t limit your use of drones to warmer months! Find out the top 5 marketing uses for drones during the winter season.

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A Big Thanks to Up Sonder Investors

Up Sonder wants to use this post to thank everyone who invested in our successful Republic fundraising campaign!

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7 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

It's true that the housing market typically heats up during the spring, however, the holiday season is often overlooked as a prime time to sell.

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Get Educated On Drones

Drones are changing the way people work and live all around the world. Here are some resources that will help you get your drone education started.

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Drones: Helping Real Estate Take Flight

Drones are an affordable new tool that brings the power of aerial images and data-gathering to both commercial and residential real estate.

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Drones Save Lives and Make Communities Safer

279, that’s the number of lives drones have saved according to drone manufacturer DJI which keeps active track of the statistic.

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DJI Takes Another Hit From Uncle Sam

The US Interior Department is grounding its entire fleet of 800 drones over concerns of Chinese spying and drone-aided cyberattacks while it undergoes a review of its drone operations.

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The Lowdown on Drone Delivery

It’s official Google Wing has begun commercially delivering packages in Christiansburg, VA! This is a milestone for the future of drone delivery. But let’s not forget it took a long time to get here and there is still a ways to go.

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Drone Friendly States

Is your state drone friendly? Does it matter?

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Drones: A Must-Have Tool for Telecom

Drones are a game-changing new tool for the telecom industry that makes inspecting and maintaining communication towers safer and more efficient. Read on to find out how drones take to the sky every day to help millions of Americans stay connected.

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Cutting Through the Haze of Drone Law

Knowing where you can fly can be difficult. Here are some great tips from Up Sonder.

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Bringing New Energy to Oil & Gas

Drones are the new buzz in the oil and gas industry because they make important tasks like inspections and data gathering faster, cheaper and safer than ever.

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In the News: Up Sonder Let's You Invest in Drones

Up Sonder is proud to be the first drone services company that offers its pilots and the general public a chance to own equity in a drone startup because we believe that everyone should have the ability to benefit from the coming drone revolution.

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Getting Ready to Sell Your House? Here are 11 Things Most People Forget to Do

You’ve started on your lists of small repairs, you’ve contacted a real estate agent, and now you’re in the final steps of getting ready to sell your house. But before you put your home up for sale, and certainly before having your first open house, here are 11 things to consider that most home sellers forget to think about and could cost you a sale.

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Drones in Engineering: A New Standard

Drone technology is changing the face of engineering! It is raising the bar for engineers, construction workers, and more. Discover some of the top ways that drones are improving engineering.

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4 Important Aerial Thermography Applications You Should Know About

Not only can drone technology take stunning images, but thanks to aerial thermography, it can also save lives. Aerial thermography is an innovative technology that’s helping people, businesses, and even governments all over the world. Here’s everything you need to know about this ground-breaking drone development.

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The Top Benefits of Drones in Real Estate Marketing

More real estate agents are using aerial photography and videography to market their properties. Here are some of the top benefits of drones in real estate marketing.

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Want to Hire a Drone Pilot? Read This First.

The right drone pilot will be qualified, insured, and knowledgeable about flying a drone. If you simply hire the first person with a commercial drone license, chances are, you are unlikely to obtain the results you need. Here is what to look for when hiring a drone pilot.

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7 Tasks to Complete Before Using Drones for Real Estate

If you are a real estate agent who is planning to utilize drones in your upcoming real estate listings, there are a few things you need to know first. Here are some of the best practices for hiring a drone pilot for your real estate listing.

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How Drones Are Becoming A Vital Part of Construction & Real Estate Development

More companies are investing in real estate drone photography and technology, and for good reason! Here are some of the ways drones are helping the construction and development industries.

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The Demand for Drone Photography and Videography in Real Estate

How do drones help the real estate industry across its various sectors and how can you, as a drone pilot, meet the demand for real estate drone photography?

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Founder Profile: An Uber For Drones?

With a solid track record we here at KingsCrowd are excited to see what the future holds for Up Sonder. Stay tuned for our future analysis of this exciting startup. In the meantime, you can invest in Up Sonder now . Read more ...

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Up Sonder Teams Up with World's Largest Inspection Trade Group interNACHI

InterNACHI® members can now hire commercial FAA-licensed drone pilots for aerial inspections in more than 1,000 locations across the U.S. through Up Sonder.

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Aerial Drones Used For Search & Rescue Save Lives

Drone technology has made a positive impact on society by going beyond what human strength can accomplish. This is why this tech has been used in several different applications, including integration into search and rescue.

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 15 - CES 2018 Drone Report

Joe and Fenity are on location at CES to tell you about all things drone. There's a lot to cover from bad robots to shooting stars!

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 14 - Trudeau orders blueberry lobsters by drone & California wildfires

Joe and Fenity discuss drones fighting epic fires, try to explain drone art, talk about flying Canadian lobster and are amazed by a Japanese drone that tells workers to go home!

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Real Estate Drone Services On The Rise

Incorporating technology into the buying and selling of homes is just part and parcel with the business as a real estate agent. Drones are the flagship of the next generation of tools that can make it easier to sell a home by showing off its best features. The increasing interest in this technology, and the broad advantages for using drones, indicate that people who use drones for real estate will find ways to effectively rise above the competition.

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Drones For Emergency Service Cover More Ground From Above

The recently announced Drone Pilot Program will help as it opens up more local testing of drones and provides federal oversight to gather information on drone usage to determine best practices. Still, even programs like the Drone Pilot Program cannot keep up with the number of local police and fire departments that are adding drones. The drone industry, and local and federal authorities need to develop a way to track and gather information about all attempts to use drones in and during emergencies.

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 13 - Slaughterbots!

Joe and Fenity discuss holiday drone sales, drones getting political, the dangers of slaughterbots, and a heartwarming story about drones being used for good.

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 12 - Bigly! Trump White House Drone Pilot Program

Joe and Fenity discuss the drone pilot program, Up Sonder joining the CTA drone policy working group and the possibility of mind-controlled drones.

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 11 - New York Yankees, Michael Singer, Matternet, and Drone Feet!

Episode 11: A landmark legal case, autonomous drone blood deliveries, DJI struggles, plus amazing drone videos! Fenity and Joe talk about a landmark legal case for drones, autonomous blood delivery and some amazing drone videos

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 10 - Hurricanes, Buzzkill, X37B Conspiracy

Joe and Fenity tell you all about how drones are helping out in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, plus fill you in on California shutting down drone pot deliveries.

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A New Drone First: Capturing a Total Solar Eclipse

1979 was the last time a total solar eclipse graced the shores of the contiguous United States. It was 38 years ago when the first Sony Walkman came out, when 63 Americans were taken hostage at the American Embassy in Tehran, and when the first Aliens movie hit cinemas. It was a long time ago, a time before drones.

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 09 - Cool New Drones, Kansas with AirMap, Nibbler, Solar Eclipse

Joe and Fenity are frightened and amazed by new drones and fill you in on Kansas partnering with AirMap. Plus, a little extra about the Great American Eclipse and drones!

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Freelance Drone Jobs Are Leading The Drone Revolution

With their ability to cut costs, labor and injury, drones have become go-to tools for commercial contractors. Now these unmanned aerial systems are invading the residential contracting market and new services are making it easier than ever to tap their potential.

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 08 - The New Buzz in Construction

Today we are going to be talking about drones are creating a lot of buzz in the construction industry.

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Drones at Work Part 2: The New Buzz in Construction

In the last ‘Drones at Work’ article, I wrote about how drones are helping realtors increase sales by adding a new perspective to online house listings. If you haven’t read part one, then spend a few minutes to learn more about how drones are changing the real estate business. If you need a drone pilot to help your business reach new heights, then go to Up Sonder.

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DRONES! the podcast - Episode 07 - Drone Suicide, Guinness World Records, Drone Hacking

Today we are going to talk about the latest and greatest news from the world of drones! Including...drone suicide, drone swarms filming sports, and record-record breaking speed demon drones!

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Drones the Podcast Epi 06: Drones at Work—Real Estate

In this episode we will take a look at leading real estae angencies using drones and why every realitor needs one, but first... sex toys?

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Using Drones to Sell: An Interview with LAMERICA Real Estate’s Rick Albert

Drones are a useful tool for real estate agents and a growing market for drone pilots. Recently, Up Sonder’s Director of Content Joe Christian sat down with Rick Albert, a Broker Associate with the award winning agency LAMERICA Real Estate, to talk about how drones can help sell homes.

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Drones At Work Part 1: A Real Estate Agent's Best Friend

Just think about it. Ten years ago the only way I could write about ‘drones at work’ was in Science Fiction form. Now, every single day across the country, drones are taking to the sky and changing a variety of industries, including everything from real estate to television news. In late June, the Trump administration said

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Drones the Podcast - 05: DELIVERY DRONE UPDATE

Joe and Fenity update you on the latest in drone delivery, from doughnuts to drone ports.

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Drones the Podcast - 04: SELFIE DRONES

In this episode we will explore the growing popularity of selfie drones and maybe how much we hate them.

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The Rise of the Selfie Drone

At CES 2017 you couldn’t get away from selfie drones. Everywhere you looked there was your very own aerial camera that quite literally brought narcissism to new heights.

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Drones The Podcast - 03: Drones and Privacy, Please!

This episode will take a look at drones and privacy. It is a big issue because drones are operating in close proximity with humans.

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Drones The Podcast - 02: Military Drone Pilots & Other News

This episode we will look at some amazing swarming drone tech the military is working on and speculate about what the hell the X-37B drone actually did on its two years in space!

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The Drone Superhighway Part 4: Power and Money

This week I will go over the need for new energy solutions and how the reduced costs of drone technology will play an important role in making the drone superhighway a cost effective network.

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Drones the Podcast - Episode 1: Good Drone Bad Drone

This episode we will take a look at some recent happenings that show the good and bad in drones. It's time for good drone, bad drone!

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The Drone Superhighway Part 3: Beyond Sight and Autonomous

This week, we’ll look at a beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone operation, the possibility of fully autonomous drones and how Trump administration policies could be used to advance the drone superhighway. It’s a lot to cover, so let’s dig in!

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The Drone Superhighway Part 2: Law and Order

What exactly is a drone traffic management system? Like the aircraft management system currently in place for the thousands of planes that fly through US airspace every day, it’s a way to track and safely manage drone flights.

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The Drone Superhighway Part 1: It’s a Thing – A Real Thing

There is something about the sky that grabs my attention and imagination. As a kid, I loved science fiction movies with flying cars (Back to the Future!). I dreamed that one day I would be zipping through the skies in my very own flying DeLorean. Hopefully one day that dream might come true, but today when I look up at the sky I see another possibility, a drone superhighway.

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Up, Up, and Away in Real Estate

Drones are getting more and more popular. Whether it is for recreational use or for deliveries, it is here to stay and gaining traction. And because they range in prices, there is one for everyone. “Drones are making a huge impact in society, and that definitely includes real estate,” says Derek Waleko, CEO of Upsonder.com, a drone renting service.

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AV News - Up Sonder

Have you ever wanted to test out a drone before you buy one? Do you already own that’s collecting dust in your attic? Are you a certified pilot trying to get some paid gigs? Then you’re gonna want to download this new app. Up Sonder is an on-demand drone booking platform, designed to supply, hire and rent out drones and similar services online in the USA. CEO Derek Waleko founded the company when he noticed a gaping flaw in drone booking services.

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Drone booking marketplace Up Sonder goes national

Now you can rent your neighbor's drone or hire a certified pilot for one-time commercial jobs.

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Meet Up Sonder, the First Crowdsourced Drone Booking and Commercial Pilot Marketplace

Los Angeles-based startup Up Sonder is the first drone company to provide crowdsourced drone bookings and commercial pilot operations.

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KGO 810 CEO Spotlight - Derek Waleko, Up Sonder

A fascinating conversation for the "CEO Spotlight" with Derek Waleko of "UpSonder"! Find out why and how drone bookings will be the next AirBnB for consumers!

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The New Drone Marketplace – Derek Waleko, CEO of Up Sonder

Derek Waleko is CEO and co-founder of Up Sonder, the world’s first peer-to-peer on-demand marketplace dedicated exclusively to drone bookings. Providers earn extra money by renting out their drone or service, while Renters save time and money by renting from an Up Sonder member within their direct area. Up Sonder also powers its deliveries with UberRUSH, giving members access to on-demand drones. In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Derek talks about Up Sonder, how drone owners and operators can make money with their drones using the system and its quest to solve world energy and drinking water challenges. Let’s pick up the interview where I asked Derek to introduce himself.

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The 10 Craziest Uses for Drones

It’s official – robots are taking over the world, or at least, the skies!

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Drone Bookings on Demand: Press a Button and Get a Drone in 30 Minutes

At Future of Everything, there are few industries we find as exciting as the drone industry. We recently published an article where we chatted with 12 drone industry experts to get a better idea of where the industry will go in 2017 and ended up getting connected with Up Sonder, a hot new drone startup out of Los Angles, California.

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On-demand drone booking marketplace Up Sonder opens for business - Drone360mag.com - January 24, 2017

Find out how it works and what else the company has planned

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Meet Up Sonder, the first on-demand drone marketplace for the commercial industry and the everyday person - Livedronenews.com - January 24, 2017

Up Sonder is ready to soar. The first peer-to-peer on-demand drone marketplace, Up Sonder is ready to help you get up and stay up, leveraging UberRUSH’s technology to deliver drones in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

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Up Sonder: On-demand drone marketplace

Looking to make some extra cash by renting out your drone or your drone piloting services? Meet Up Sonder

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70 Drone Companies to Watch in 2017

While it’s impossible to track each and every drone company in such a fast-moving industry, we’ve done our best to highlight the biggest players and to give you a sense of who is doing what in the drone industry.

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Commercial Drones As A Service (DAAS) Taking Off

(DAAS) Taking Off

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Drone marketplace Up Sonder wraps up successful 2016

Successful 2016 with big win at International Drone Expo

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After a win at a recent drone conference, this startup's ready to open its marketplace

Up Sonder announced that it will launch its marketplace to the public in January. People in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago

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Drone marketplace Up Sonder wraps up successful 2016

LOS ANGELES — Up Sonder, the world’s first on-demand drone marketplace, wrapped up an exciting 2016 with a huge win at the recent International Drone Expo (IDE). The company was one of three chosen to receive $100,000 in funding from Singh Ventures as part of IDE Drone Pitchfest Competition 2016.

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Drone marketplace Up Sonder wraps up successful 2016 with big win at International Drone Expo

LOS ANGELES — Up Sonder, the world’s first on-demand drone marketplace, wrapped up an exciting 2016 with a huge win at the recent International Drone Expo (IDE). The company was one of three chosen to receive $100,000 in funding from Singh Ventures as part of IDE Drone Pitchfest Competition 2016 .

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Sky's the Limit: 8 Big Ideas for the Future of Drones

We’ve all heard about camera-equipped drones being used to take photos of weddings, capture aerial footage for real estate ads, and even sneak peeks of Game of Thrones film sets in an effort to drum up some spoilers.

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Commercial Drones FM Interview - How to Monetize Your Drone in 30 Minutes with Derek Waleko

Derek Waleko, CEO of Up Sonder, joins Ian to explain how they use the Uber Rush API to enable this drone booking marketplace so you can safely monetize your drone.

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Don't Let The Hurdles Get In The Way

Derek Waleko is the co-founder and CEO of Up Sonder — the number one drone booking platform to provide, hire, and rent drones and related services online — along with his partners Isaac Nabors (COO) and Keith Smith (CTO). The platform has launched in San Francisco, Chicago and New York and is aimed at being the ultimate destination for anyone needing a drone, as well as a handy way for drone owners to make some extra cash.

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Up Sonder Starts Drone Booking Service

A startup called Up Sonder hopes to change the world, one drone booking at a time. This peer-to-peer drone marketplace allows drone owners to list their drones and drone services for rent by those looking to fly.

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Turn Your Drone Into A Moneymaker

The sharing economy expands to include commercial and consumer drones

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The Sharing Economy Expands to Include Commercial & Consumer Drone Pilot Jobs

A startup called Up Sonder hopes to change the world, one drone booking at a time. This peer-to-peer drone marketplace allows drone owners to list their drones and drone services for rent by those looking to fly.

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Uber offers other companies a ride on its app

Up Sonder uses UberRush to deliver booking drones on demand.

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9 Tools to Help You Work Remotely

The office is dead, and I don’t mean Michael Scott.

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Uber's delivery service just went mainstream

Now, any company can hire Uber as an on-demand courier in SF, Chicago and NYC.

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