Standard Real Estate Package

Custom Built Drone
Provided by Up Sonder
Los Angeles, CA
About the Service

The Standard Real Estate package includes 30 high-resolution photos and 60 seconds of aerial video footage of your listing delivered in separate individual files ready for your own unique personal editing preferences. Experienced professionals capture the best views so you can sell your property up to 68% faster! Up Sonder drone footage makes your property look incredible, but the final touch comes from pairing professional drone footage with professional interior photography that gives your listing the total package. Up Sonder captures every detail in high resolution so your buyers can see why your property is a must buy! Up Sonder is happy to be your all-in-one solution for real estate.

Drone Models Supported:
Custom Built Drone
About the Drone

Up Sonder uses state of the art drones and cameras to bring your property to life. Stunning 4K and HD video are available to highlight your listing by bringing professional footage captured by FAA registered drones direct to potential buyers. Advanced sensors and processors ensure everything is captured with more image detail and the image data needed for advanced post-production. Giving your listing dynamic cinematic qualities will make it stand out from the rest and sell faster.

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Drone Features
Video - Drone Coverage: 60 Second
Photos - Interior/Exterior: 30 total
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About the Provider

Up Sonder is a national network of professional FAA certified drone pilots with over 260,000 flight hours worth of experience in aerial photography for the residential/commercial real estate, construction, and insurance industries. Up Sonder offers easy search, upfront pricing, and quick booking. 

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