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Passed the Part 107 test?
Congratulations! List your services on US and get
Sign up and add a listing to become a provider. Providers will be required to submit a digital image of their receipt for the FAA’s Remote Pilot Certificate test for sUAS and a digital image of their confirmation of passing the FAA's Remote Pilot Certificate test for sUAS on their profile. To be paid out over their first fifteen (15) booking payouts.
Let US cover your FAA Registration!
Congratulations! List your services on US and get
Sign up and add a listing to become a provider. Submit a digital image of your receipt on your profile. To be paid out with their first booking payout.

Why Offer Drone Services?

Embark on a rewarding journey as a drone pilot with Up Sonder. Not only do you monetize your skills, but you also join a pioneering community at the forefront of the drone revolution. By aligning with us, you're contributing to the transformative impact drones are making worldwide.

Benefits of Providing Your Drone Services

As a drone service provider, you'll have the opportunity to explore unique destinations by traveling on-site. Maintain autonomy by setting your own pricing and defining your travel boundaries, keeping you in complete control.

Up To $180 Cash Back

List your services with Up Sonder and receive up to $180 cash back!

To qualify:

  • Sign up and list your service
  • Upload a digital copy of your FAA's Remote Pilot Certificate test receipt for sUAS
  • Provide a digital copy of your official FAA-issued remote pilot license and drone registration PDF

Note: Cashback will be disbursed over the first fifteen (15) booking payouts.

Payment Process
  • Client Transactions: Up Sonder manages all client payments. Fees are processed before they access your services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

  • Receiving Your Payment: Payments are directly deposited into your account two business days post-project completion, ensuring satisfaction for all parties involved.

Earnings and Fees

Listing your drone services on Up Sonder is free. We charge a modest 5% Provider Service Fee for each booking, ensuring you retain 95% of your earnings.

Setting Your Rates

While Up Sonder offers pricing guidance based on regional booking trends and drone specifications, the final decision rests with you. We trust you to determine your value and price your services accordingly.


Maximize Your Listing's Potential

Consider your listing as your personal brand showcase. It's the digital storefront where clients interact with your offerings. Ensure it's comprehensive, with up-to-date and professional video samples. Amplify your visibility by sharing your listing link across your networks and on social platforms.

Joining Up Sonder as a drone pilot isn't just a job – it's a promising career trajectory. With us, your potential truly knows no bounds.

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