NYC Autel Drone Operator

Autel Evo II Pro
Provided by onewheeldrone
New York, NY
About the Service

I have completed numerous architecture visualization projects in NYC. One included a high-net-worth client. My work has been featured in Science Channel's "Impossible Engineering" on an episode for 111 W 57th St also known as Steinway Tower. When complete, it will be the world's thinnest skyscraper.

About the Drone

I have both an Autel Evo 2 Pro 6K drone with 1" Sony CMOS sensor capable of up to 6K video.

Real Estate
Drone Features
Drone Battery Capacity: 7100 mAh
Drone Battery Type: Lipo 3s
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Built-in Camera: 1
Weight: 1192 grams
Maximum Flying Time: 40 minutes
Maximum Flying Speed: 20 m/s
Ready to Fly: 1
Foldable: 1
Collision Avoidance: 1
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SD Card Types: SD
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About the Provider

Part 107, have done architecture visualization projects in and around NYC. My work has been featured in Science Channel's "Impossible Engineering" for Steinway Tower 111 W 57th St, world's thinnest skyscraper. 

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