Safety, then Safety, and relax and be calm. The drone pretty much a kid could fly. Its the photography that is awesome!!

Autel Evo II Pro
Provided by Chris
midland, TX
About the Service

I own a business called Hyer Unlimited Specialties LLC in Midland, Texas. I work mostly contract work in Real Estate photography with the drones I have. I also do quite a bit of commercial Photography locally for companies all over the globe with clients checking on their properties from a distance with a drone. I then upload the photos to Dropbox and instantly the customer is happy. I also do editing at 150.00 per hour. a 2-3 min video and music clip edited is 475.00. This is a special people like to do at Ranches is video cattle and mapping their Farming land with drones is one of my jobs as well.

Drone Models Supported:
DJI Phantom 4 Professional
Autel EVO
About the Drone

There are several types of drones. There are the beginning drones. The DJI Mavic mini is what I tell people to buy if they are serious. The price is right and it's a darn good drone.I can provide anything from Training on how to operate a multi copter and so it safely, however, if you do not have your PART 107, I will give you hints to pass and as far as drones. The EVO PRO 2 is an easy-to-fly drone, and if you feel comfortable I will hand it over to you to experience. The drone is user-friendly and if you panic there is a panic button on all craft so you will not lose it.

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Real Estate
Drone Features
Drone Battery Capacity: 7100 mAh
Drone Battery Type: Lipo 3s
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Built-in Camera: 1
Weight: 1192 grams
Maximum Flying Time: 40 minutes
Maximum Flying Speed: 20 m/s
Ready to Fly: 1
Foldable: 1
Collision Avoidance: 1
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SD Card Types: SD
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About the Provider

Love the outdoors and love God. I enjoy flying my drones for data, and for photography, as a 8-year veteran Surfing Photographer, I incorporated the drone with the camera a few years back and have logged over 140 working commercial hrs. of flight with a Part 107. I will travel, so let me know about travel jobs. I'm pretty versed in Inspection work and Mapping, plus videography and real estate training with an Indoor camera on some shots. 

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FAA Remote Pilot Certification
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