Aerial Drone Imagery

DJI Mavic Air
Provided by FairTran, LLC
Bethany, OK
About the Service

FairTran Drone Imagery provides you with the aerial shots and video you need for your specific application. From real estate to agriculture and events, we offer stunning results.

About the Drone

FairTran uses the small, lightweight, and very portable DJI Mavic Air. While the Mavic Air is small in size, it packs a big punch with a 3-axis gimbal and a stellar 4K camera - giving ultra smooth video and crisp and clear shots.

Drone Features
App Compatibility: DJI GO 4
Drone Battery Type: LiPo 3S
Built-in Camera: 1
Maximum Bitrate of Video Storage: 100 Mbps
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Live View: 1
Weight: 430 grams
Maximum Flying Time: 21 minutes
Foldable: 1
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SD Card Types: microSD
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About the Provider

Our company offers drone services to meet your specific needs. From aerial photo shots to agricultural mapping for crop analyzation, we will provide timely and high quality results. 

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