Aerial Photography & Video

DJI Mavic Air
Provided by From Another Perspective LLC
Indianapolis, IN
About the Service

Indiana Drone Services (From Another Perspective LLC) is currently serving the real estate and business advertising markets.
Images and videos captured are used by realtors to promote properties, and businesses may utilize aerial photos and video to advertise their locations.

About the Drone

The Mavic Air is an incredible drone built by the top drone manufacturer worldwide, DJI. It offers stunning 4k imagery, 60 FPS video, and Smart Flight Technology. Everything you want to be shown off from above, well, the Mavic Air will make the best parts of your property or business shine.

Drone Features
App Compatibility: DJI GO 4
Drone Battery Type: LiPo 3S
Built-in Camera: 1
Maximum Bitrate of Video Storage: 100 Mbps
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Live View: 1
Weight: 430 grams
Maximum Flying Time: 21 minutes
Foldable: 1
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SD Card Types: microSD
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About the Provider

Hey! My name is Tom and I love flying Drones. Currently, I have a Mavic Air. By Spring of 2020, I am looking to add an additional drone and some DJI Goggles! I'm a native Hoosier, flying out of the Indianapolis area!

My services include:
Aerial Photography
Aerial Videography
Video editing

Looking to expand services, including:
Drone Rental
Thermal Imaging 

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