Commercial Drone Services

DJI Mini 2
Provided by Ballistic Blade Entertainment
Buda, TX
About the Service

Videos today are all a dime a dozen. Almost EVERYONE you see has a cell phone with 4K.

BIG question!

How can YOU stand out in this boring video climate today?

In this overcrowded marketplace, we’ve created a solution.
Our company is Ballistic Blade Entertainment, a professional video production company out of Austin, TX. We SPECIALIZE in an innovative feature called “ACTION CINEMATICS”.
It adds an EXCITING touch to any video, with a special focus on ENERGY and MOVEMENT.

You have to see it to experience it!

Our production style helps brands and businesses BLAST off the screen and stand out above the pack.

Why would you want to be the same?

You don’t have to be.

Let BBE tell your story with polished style, excitement, and flair.

Contact us today to learn how we can make your videos POP with “Action Cinematics”!

Drone Business
* Construction
* Infrastructure
* Energy
* Public Saafety
* Agriculture
* Filming
* Facade Inspection
* Thermography Inspection
* Energy & Utilities
* Solar PV Inspections
* Media & Marketing
* Real Estate
* Transportation & Railroad
* Roof Inspection
* Precision Agriculture
* Cinematography
* Public Safety


* DJI Mini 2
*Phantom 4 Pro
* Mavic 2 Pro

Data acquisition
Data Processing
Data Application

Flight Authorizations

About the Drone

Que. Are you a licensed drone pilot?
Ans. I am Part 107 Certified and hence eligible to fly drones as well.

Que. Which drone flight path do you follow?
Ans. I have the necessary experience to understand both drone flight paths - grid paths and waypoint paths. I can follow a grid path for your mapping projects and use waypoint paths for inspections.

Que. What else can you do other than flying my drones?
Ans. Piloting drones is part skill and part expertise. I am quite well-versed in flying drones remotely. In addition to flying them, I can also assist you in maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting, and any on-site repairs.

Que. Will you arrange the necessary flight permissions from the authorities?
Ans. I have the necessary flying permits for piloting a drone. You will have to arrange any permissions regarding flying the drone in an area or taking the images.

Insurance Claims
Offshore Oil & Gas
Real Estate
Clean Energy
Drone Features
Drone Battery Type: LiPo 2S
Built-in Camera: 1
Weight: 249 grams
Maximum Flying Time: 31 minutes
Ready to Fly: 1
Foldable: 1
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About the Provider

We produce media primarily for small and medium sized companies with an eye on the budget and solutions that are highly scalable. Our short film and feature film projects are the heart of our organization. Should the project require a camera man or an editor we will get the job done. We believe that a projects' budget should never be a stumbling block to our creativity. If the problem you face involves creating a film, music video, or a commercial then Ballistic Blade Entertainment is ready and willing to be your problem solver. We are committed to bringing quality media and entertainment to central Texas. We are a part of the "Do Work Austin" movement that is showing the world exactly what Austin is capable of. To innovate and liberate is what Ballistic Blade Entertainment is here to do. We will show people that it's much more fun dancing outside the lines and validate those daydreams that the "REAL" world would call CRAZY. Ballistic Blade Entertainment is not just a company. We are a movement. Why be normal when you can go BALLISTIC? Proud member of the Texas Film Commission Proud (MAKE) member of the Austin Film Society 

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FAA Drone Registration
FAA Remote Pilot Certification
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