R5M Aerial UA Division

DJI Phantom 2
Provided by REALITY 5 MEDIA
Somerset, NJ
About the Service

Commercial Purpose:
Operation of small unmanned aerial vehicle (sUAV), unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to conduct aerial inspections, photography and videography media, residential and commercial real estate utility infrastructure including but not limited to electrical power lines, bridges, cell towers, pipeline inspection and patrolling, filmmaking, cinematography, and videography

Wildlife and forestry monitoring, aerial surveying, construction site inspection and monitoring, public entity support operations.
Aerial imaging for safety, monitoring and comparing work efforts and completion percentages, and security of controlled environment of various sites, aerial video and live video feed to assist with search and rescue operations under the authority
and support of local authority officials.

Aerial video and photography for public and private use including television, public events, and cinematography live feed and
live newsgathering, training to persons individually or belonging to both private and public organizations to increase awareness and improve safety for current and future UAS operations within the NAS, special events: including high schools,
colleges, professional sports, open air events and fairs, research, risk management and assessment, motion picture productions, disaster and catastrophe events.

Drone Models Supported:
DJI Phantom 3 Professional
3D Robotics Solo
DJI Phantom 4
DJI Flame Wheel F550
Custom Built Drone
About the Drone

Certified sUAS Remote Pilot under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulation (14 CFR) Part 107
Completed Part 107 sUAS ALC-451
Vetted by TSA

Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) Operators support public, private, government and commercial customer mission operations.

All operation missions are conducted under Flight Standard Operating Procedures and company sUAS Operation manual.

Conducts preflight planning to include mission briefings weather forecasts, Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs), Special Instructions (SPINs) and airspace requirements. Evaluates customer's mission requirements and determines operational needs. Coordinates mission specifics with UAS crew and Air Traffic Control (ATC) and reviews Airspace Control Plan and Mission Logs. Executes mission and delivers full motion video/photography,telemetry and payload data.

Completes post-mission reports/logs. May conduct demonstration flights. Performs UAS and ground support equipment testing, troubleshooting and maintenance. Coordinates with UAS team to resolve issues. Documents maintenance actions. Conducts on-site formal/informal technical training.

Additionally Operators may:

Conduct preflight planning to include mission briefings, analyzing weather forecasts, checking Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs), Special Instructions (SPINs) and airspace requirements.
Evaluate customer's mission requirements and determine operational needs.
Coordinate mission specifics with UAS crew and Air Traffic Control (ATC) and review Airspace Control Plan and Mission Logs.
Execute mission and deliver full motion video/photography and payload data.
Complete post-mission reports/logs.
Conduct demonstration flights.
Perform UAS and ground support equipment testing, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Insurance Claims
Real Estate
Drone Features
Drone Battery Capacity: 5200.0 mAh
Battery Power: 11.0 V
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Compatible Cameras: GoPro Hero 3
Built-in Camera: No
Control Type: Remote Control + Phone/Tablet
Control Type: 1000.0 meters
Controller Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Controller Battery Capacity: 2000.0 mAh
Receiver Sensitivity: -97 dBm
Controller Amperage: 0.1 A
Controller Voltage: 3.7 V
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Gopro 4 Black: Time Lapse, Slo-Motion, 125fps
Ground Station: Custom Flight Patterns
Custom Heavy Payload: High Power for Heavy Lift
Custom Flight Patterns: 8 Flight Patterns
Payload Deploy: Drop, Pickup
Altitude Hold: Yes
Follow Me Capable: Yes
Compatible Controllers: DJI DT7
Compatible Gimbals: DJI Zenmuse H3-2D
Software Type: Proprietary
Stabilization: 3 axis
External Camera Compatible: Yes
GPS Compatible: Yes
Material Used in Body of Drone: Plastic
Position Hold: Yes
Automatic Landing Feature: Yes
Ready to Fly: Yes
Autonomous Flight Feature: Yes
Return to Home Feature: Yes
Maximum Operating Temperature: 50 °C
Material Used in Rotors of Drone: Plastic
Wingspan or Diagonal Length: 350.0 mm
Weight: 1000.0 grams
Number of Rotors: 4
Maximum Flying Time: 25.0 minutes
Maximum Flying Speed: 15.0 m/s
Maximum Ascent Speed: 6.0 m/s
Flight Planning Feature: Yes
Minimum Operating Temperature: -10 °C
Maximum Flying Altitude: 500 meters
Payload/Carrying Capacity: 300 grams
Maximum Descent Speed: 2.0 m/s
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About the Provider

Kirk Joseph is a highly accomplished, capable, experienced and trusted professional.

Reality 5 Media L.L.C. Aerial Division, offers aerial solutions for photography, videography, mapping, surveying, digital 3D modeling, inspections and precision flight management for a variety of industries such as commercial and residential real estate, events, marketing, promotional, advertising, builders, developers, architectural firms, engineering firms, power companies, cellular service providers, insurance, agriculture, land trusts/associations, forest trusts/associations, and many more.

As chief pilot of R5M Aerial Division. Mr. Joseph has the qualifications and experience necessary for the safe and successful operation of their multiple sUAV’s.

He is a trained inspector. Mr. Joseph has been flying gas and electric radio controlled aircraft, both fixed wing, quad, hexa, and octa sUAS for fifteen and 7 years respectively, giving him invaluable experience in proper and safe operation and maintenance of sUAV’s and their components.

Expert in FAA regulations and procedures, adding to the overall safety of their operations. Safety of persons and property is R5M priority. 

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FAA Drone Registration
FAA Remote Pilot Certification
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