Aerial imaging

DJI Spark
Provided by Trevor
Kingman, KS
About the Service

Spent 2yrs in the army flying RQ11 raven sUAS total time flown in Iraq was 250 hrs, earned my part 107 and would like to do photography and videography civilian side.

About the Drone

The spark is my entry into commercial use,it is affordable and has a very good camera. The speed of this drone allows for maximum image capture during its 15 minute flight. I have 4 batteries available for larger projects. Very stable in windy conditions up to 20 mph

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About the Provider

Interested in doing this as an introduction to commercial application, I served in the Army for 9 years, the past 2 years I was a sUAS operator, operating the RQ-11b Raven. Total flight time 246 hours, which then led me to earning my part 107 remote pilot cert, I started flying fixed wing aircraft at 13, earning my Private pilot cert at 17. 

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