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Hello! My name is Joseph and I have been capturing aerial media for over a year. In July of 2021 I decided to turn my passion into something more than just a hobby. I obtained my Part 107 and haven’t looked back. CloudHawk Aerial Media was created to provide top quality media for clients at a reasonable rate without limiting the quality of the content. As sole proprietor, I am the only employee within this company. The benefit of this is that none of the “extra” expenses get forwarded to the client. CloudHawk A.M. completes all tasks assigned and, oftentimes, provides more than what is expected without the extra costs. Most deliverables are transferred same day. CloudHawk A.M. is based in Avondale, PA which is only 30 minutes from the Philadelphia Metro area and approximately 45 minutes from the Baltimore/DC area. Please reach out for any info!

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