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Evolved Media Productions is a media company dedicated to photography, both aerial and ground-based while providing a multitude of services that include events, weddings, birthdays, graduations, pet-photography, and more. EMP began in 2016 and is owned and operated by a husband and wife combination who have honed and created their own specific style that promotes vivid, sharp, and colorful pallets that bring their photographs to life. Additionally, Evolved Media Productions has a very friendly and versatile approach towards clients which allows for adjustments, flexibility, and diversification according to customer need and expectations. In short, we work closely with our customers to ensure that all of their photography needs are completely met with excellence. Michael Grubb is a production and design graduate from the school of Telecommunications at Indiana University. As a photographer, Michael has over 7 years of experience working with a multitude of different cameras, editing with an expansive and wide-array of software applications, and is a registered UAS pilot with the FAA. Furthermore, Michael has successfully been in the creative field for over 35 years as an artist of many concentrations. His experience includes 10 years of audio production, 20+ years of stage performance, and has an instrumental proficiency with bass, drums, guitar, vocals, and keyboards all while formerly touring with multiple bands. In the visual fields, Michael excelled within the fine -arts categories of drawing, sketching, painting, glass sandblasting, graphic design, and different forms of computer art of which he used to tune his mind and eye towards his passion for photography. Since then, Michael's artwork continues to live within every photograph that he takes for himself, his family, or his growing clientele. Liset Santos is also a graduate of Indiana University, specializing in environmental affairs and systemic maintenance. Liset has been shooting along-side with Michael Grubb for 2 years, has honed an amazing eye for photography, and works amazingly well within the business and administration fields. Together, they are able to bring a level of creativity and value to the expansive industry of the visual arts world that is often unmatched by the majority of standard photographic technicians currently available. To date, Evolved Media Productions boasts amazing quality in both still photography and motion pictures. As a company, EMP utilizes excellent, industry standard equipment that allows for 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 6K still photography currently offered at a very powerful 20 megapixels that will soon be upgraded to 50. Additionally, EMP sits on the cutting edge as we have the capabilities to provide the very rare and elusive 8K resolution found in only very select commercial/professional grade video cameras. We can offer the ALL Intra Codec that pushes the 10-bit color range at 400mbps and the Hybrid Log Gamma Color Profile settings that literally adds trillions of more shades into the color spectrum for one's video than the standard 8 bit range currently offered by the majority of the industry. 4K is now offered at 60 frames per second, FHD can be pushed to 200mbps, and the features just continue to expand with our ever-changing need to maintain relevancy in this fast-paced technological landscape. As a company rising towards the stars, we constantly strive to provide the best hardware, software, and skill-set that allows us to produce the best product possible for our clients. For EMP it is imperative to remain current and up-to-date with the rising tide of technological advances, and, we will do what is necessary to ensure that our knowledge of photography always reflects what is occurring at the present moment, including the near-future. We always want your memories to be vivid, lucid, and reflective of the moment as you remember it. Evolved Media Productions Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYps3SGHFZM&t=1s Promotional Video for "The Bluebird" and "Cody Jinks" when he performed in Bloomington, Indiana. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Kw-AYXBpLg

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