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Life has blessed me with several opportunities to love, learn, prosper, fail, overcome, and persevere. Watching the future of drones unfold in the marketplace has fueled my passion for owning and piloting a drone. I have been an amateur photographer for over a decade and have always been amazed by the progression of digital imaging. It has been over three years since my neighbor introduced me to and began my obsession with drones. I "borrowed" my teenage son's micro drone and was amazed at the addictive pull of mastering it. The same neighbor that introduced me to drones gave me one of his indoor drones that was a little larger than a micro drone and I was hooked. I soon began to follow the news and FAA on the regulatory process required for the safe introduction in to the national airspace. A little over two years ago I took a leap of faith and submitted my official request for a Section 333. My wife and I were thrilled and excited the day I received the official Section 333 exemption in the mail. This dream was gaining traction! As a RN, father of five, and dedicated husband, life demanded my attention away from utilizing my Section 333. Nevertheless, this year I sat for and passed my UAS certification thanks to Part 107. Now with the Lord's will, I plan to provide excellent products and service to my clients.

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Tranquility Ace
DJI Phantom 4
10:00 am - 05:00 pm
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