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Hello. I'm a veteran (U.S. Army) with a specialty in General Aerial Photography, Construction and Real Estate Photography and Thermal/Infrared Imaging Solutions. We can capture cinematic photos or videos for your use in general advertisement or television and film. For construction, We are able to take images and digitally recreate your worksite in 2D or 3D, enabling you to check the progress of material volume needs, layout of the site, and inventory of equipment. This is a good way to create progress portfolios. With real estate, We are able to take beautiful birds eye photos and video of a property and we can even provide roof insurance photos and video. I also use 4k gimbal cameras to capture beautiful interior photos of properties. I'm also sUAS Level 1 Thermography Certificated. We can provide thermal inspections of insulation, roofs, solar panels, and power lines/power stations. We are always open to provide training or support to private companies or public service entities. Once I've collected the data and process it, I can easily email it to you in several formats for your review. (.tif, .obj, .las, .jpg, .mov) **Insured up to $2 Million** **ITC sUAS Level 1 Thermography Certificated** **We also have an FAA approved blanket waiver for night flight operations -107.29(In specific airspace)**

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DJI Phantom 4 Professional
07:00 am - 10:00 pm
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