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A picture is worth a thousand words, but it helps to have a current picture for your planning need. That is why SIG offers a full range of remote sensing and geospatial analysis services that are integrated with updated imagery generated from our unmanned aircraft system (UAS). OUR FAA CERTIFIED TEAM HAS COMPLETED OVER 400 MISSIONS -Feature location and extraction (roads, trees, buildings, powerlines, and streams) -Natural resources and agriculture field mapping and monitoring -Tree mortality mapping -Humanitarian needs, including flood hazard and impact -Assessment and on-demand natural disaster Imagery and assessments -Cost-effective performance monitoring of forest and wetland restoration projects -Invasive species mapping and monitoring -Construction site compliance monitoring for Best Management Practice (BMP) for runoff, vegetation retention, and management of fill storage -Volumetric calculations of construction fill and Excavation

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sensefly eBee Plus 
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