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Los Angeles photographer Jim Brammer is a certified UAS pilot, award-winning photographic artist and owner of Soaring Vistas Media, an aerial photography/cinematography studio; and State of the Art Images, a fine art, portraiture and commercial photography studio. Soaring Vistas Media is a fully-insured, FAA 333 Exempt and Part 107 Certified aerial photography business providing world-class photography, videography, cinematography and data collection services with a primary focus on the safe, ethical and professional operation of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) or "Drones". ​Soaring Vistas Media’s safe and highly-stable, custom-built sUAS platforms employ redundant flight systems and three-axis gimbals, stabilized by inertial management systems, to provide imagery and video from unique perspectives. We leverage real-time video downlinks to a ground-station monitor, providing the pilot/photographer team and Client with a view of exactly what our flying camera sees. This allows us to dynamically adjust framing and composition "on the fly" to ensure that we capture the right shot every time. Core Markets Our primary focus is in the following major areas: 1. Commercial and residential real estate, land development and marketing, enabling agents, brokers and developers to showcase their listings and projects 2. Marketing and precision agriculture diagnostic projects for the wine, agriculture and farming industries 3. Pre-construction, progress monitoring, structure inspection and marketing for the construction industry. Additionally, we are available for any project that calls for a safe, professional and respectful approach to aerial photography, videography, cinematography and data gathering. Working directly with your marketing, creative, engineering and diagnostic teams, we provide industry-leading quality and take great pride in our collaborative approach, flexibility, creativity and positive attitude toward accomplishing every assignment.

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Soaring Vistas Media
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