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Tyngsborough US
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Hello my name is Troy Merricks and I’m married with 4 girls and one boy whom my wife and I are fostering. I live in Tyngsborough,Ma and I’m a full time firefighter with the Coty of Lowell. I’ve been flying drones commercially for almost two years. I’ve done over 50 jobs with a company called DroneBase doing aerial photography for residential and commercial real estate. I also have done roof inspections from damage after snow storms. I love flying drones and providing a service that helps other bussinesses.i have a motto. If you enjoy doing your job then it really isn’t work at all. I use the Phantom 4 Pro. It has a 20 megapixle camera that also shoots 4K videos at 60 FPS . Aerial photos and video look absolutely amazing from the sky!

Look to the sky for awesomeness
DJI Phantom 4 Professional
12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
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Professionalism at its best !
DJI Phantom 4 Professional
10:00 am - 06:00 pm
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