Up Sonder Careers

Up Sonder is going Up and in the fastest way possible! We are hiring great talent who love drones, are serious about droning, and who are ready for a ride of a lifetime. If you fit any of the descriptions below, please submit your resume and contact information for review.


Challenges excite us and finding solutions for search algorithms, payments, fraud prevention, and growth — all while finding time to still fly drones is a plus.

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Data Science and Analytics (Coders Only)

The Data Science/Analytics team helps fly Up Sonder through uncharted airspace. We turn drone data into useful insights, compelling stories, and effective solutions for droners around the world.

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Finance and Accounting

Mind the GAAP! We provide reports, pay the bills, watch our cash, and meet stringent compliance standards - but we also develop solutions that fuel Up Sonder's rapid growth and even make sure to fly drones when it makes cents.

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We’re passionate about supporting and developing the culture at Up Sonder. We’re a proud, honest, hardworking team that flies high together.

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Up Sonder’s community of users are family. With sincere thought we help our users share experiences, learn best practices, and expand their networks locally and globally while also gaining feedback on improvements for our service and product.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience is important on the highest order. The Up Sonder family needs help time to time resolving escalated circumstances both on and offline, including monetary and personality disputes, last minute cancellations, and mediation for violations in Up Sonder’s Terms of Use. The human relationship is everything and creative fair solutions are often needed. Flying high while preserving customer loyalty is a must.

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Up Sonder loves beauty and the sky is the limit. Working with the engineering team to create detail and innovative ideas, Up Sonder design brings to life all things beautiful for the user experience.

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