Booking Policies

Up Sonder offers Renters a Damage Waiver option during check out that will release Renter from being financially responsible for damage during the booking period up to $2,500.

. Damage Waiver Fee

If damage occurs accidentally to your product under normal use during an official booking through the UP SONDER marketplace, UP SONDER will cover the cost of one new replacement unit or unit of equal value for free up to $2,500. The drone, controller, gimbal, camera, battery and propellers are eligible for repair or replacement. Renter are only financially responsible for damage or repair costs that exceed $2,500.

. Opt-out Financial Responsibility

Renters that opt-out of Up Sonder’s Damage Waiver Fee will incur a financial charge to the credit card on file, up to the full value, replacement or repair cost of the drone, parts, or accessory for:

1) Lost or partially lost drones, parts, or accessories;

2) Stolen, forgotten, or abandoned products;

3) Damage caused by flight under unsuitable conditions or against FAA guidelines;

4) Modification made to drones, parts, or accessories;

5) Deliberate losses;

6) Abrasions and shell damage that affect the performance of the product;

7) Direct or indirect losses caused by force;

8) Technical enhancements or performance improvements;

9) Damage resulting from modifications that are not in accordance with manual recommendations, or the use of incompatible batteries and charger;

10) Damage resulting from the use of third party accessories, batteries or software.

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