Trust & Safety

Profile and Review Trust

Pictures are worth a thousand words and both Renters and Providers have one on their profile. In addition to seeing other members, the review process keeps Renters accountable for treating Providers and their drones with respect. After each booking, everyone gets a chance to write a review.

Renter Verification Trust

Up Sonder requires all Renters to have their official ID scanned and verified before renting so you can bee certain no strangers can fly, only trusted Up Sonder members. We also have our Renters connecting their social networks and confirming personal details. We take security seriously.

Messaging Trust

Up Sonder’s messaging system allows you to learn more about our members. You can learn a lot from a simple conversation and pairing this information with other confirmed information gives a level of certainty that only the Up Sonder community can provide.

Secure Platform Trust

Renters pay through Up Sonder when they book a booking. Providers receive payment through Up Sonder one business day after Renters receive their drone or service. We handle all transactions on a secure platform so you never have to worry about payment. It just works.

Customer Service Trust

Our members are family and our customer support team will bee there for you. They’re real humans, and they’re available to help you. Contact US.

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